A topographical world building application. Forge adventures, spin tales, explore unknown lands and traverse the minds of your characters in a simple yet powerful tool. StoryForge uses visual design with maps, images, and points of interest to tell stories.


StoryForge is a Windows application and we recommended testing on Windows 10.


Manage all aspects of your world; cities, towns, villages, or just a campsite? StoryForge can help you manage all of your settlement needs. Do you have monsters, main characters, and villains? StoryForge can help manage them too. StoryForge will help you manage your plot twists, encounters, and even minor or major events. Then you can place them in your world as push pins, just like you would with popular mapping tools such as Bing! and Google Maps.


StoryForge is perfect for virtual and table-top roleplaying games. Build your world, campaign, and adventures. Have your friends play through your stories. Designing worlds for your friends have never been more fun. See your world come to life as you design the Undead Lands! Your imagination is the limit.


StoryForge is in beta and has no syncing capabilities as of yet. The plan is to provide exporting to a local drive and to Dropbox or Google Drive. Please let us know what you would like.


StoryForge is currently in beta stage and can be downloaded for free. We are trying to create the best visual story building tool in existence! So, please try out StoryForge and let us know what you think.


Interact with your world. Add maps within maps, change colors and icons, add events and story plots, setup encounters or merchants, and filter them all to show only what you want to see.


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